Miscellaneous  —  Pritish Kamath

This section is for collecting all things that do not fit in any other section!


My wife is the amazing Apoorvaa Deshpande!

My brother Sudeep's homepage Google Scholar page.

Favourite Quotes

  • ‘‘The determinant of this conjecture will be permanently famous’’ - Neeraj Kayal (on the Determinant vs. Permanent conjecture)

  • ‘‘How difficult could it be to find hay in a haystack?’’ - Howard Karloff (Chap. 21, Pseudorandom constructions: expanders and extractors, Arora-Barak)

  • ‘‘The hardness lies within…’’ - my own :P (refers to my long standing ambition of proving unconditional explicit hardness results)

Annual Seminar Weekend (IIT Bombay)

I have given talks at the Annual Seminar Weekend 2010 and 2011, conducted by the Science Club, IIT Bombay. Here are the pdf version of the slides,

Other antics

  • I have learnt to juggle balls, and I manage to do it on a cycle! Here's a video.

  • I happened to give a little stage performance at a retreat organized by Microsoft Research in November 2012. Here's the video.